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Scrapping your car with us is a breeze, we'll always Give you the best price. And you don't have to travel far, so you'll have time to put your feet up. If you're unable to drive it in, why not take advantage of our free scrap car collection service.We Have scrap car transporters ready and waiting to pick up your scrap car at a time and place to suit you. We are a car recycling centre licensed by the environment agencies and recycle scrap cars to the highest standard. So there won't be any tyres dumped in ditches or toxic oil tipped down the drain. And because you don't want a nasty fine, we'll make sure you get your official DVLA Certificate of Destruction.

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Scrap Car & Vans Peterborough

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August's Historic Lincolnshire

Lincoln was hit by a major typhoid epidemic between 1904 and August 1905 due to polluted drinking water from Hartsholme Lake and the River Witham. 131 people died, including Liam Kirk, the person in charge of the citys water supply..Archive LINCOLNSHIREAUTOJUMBLE.CO.UK