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Second hand quality spares for your BMW Mini. Speedy-Spares are an independent breakers yard who have been involved in the motor trade since 1960. We are a father and daughter run business supplying quality second hand spares for your BMW Mini, we specialize in keeping your beloved vehicle on the road at a fraction of the main dealer cost. We recycle as much of our vehicles as possible, so whether you need an engine or gearbox to a head light or an interior or just a nut or a bolt we are the people to contact.

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BMW Mini Specialist - Speedy Spares

Within a radius (as the crow flies) of 5 miles:

#1.4 miles   The Wolds Way Run
#3.4 miles   51st East Coast Run


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June's Historic Lincolnshire

On the 26th June 1914, Hulls King George Dock was opened. It was the first dock in the UK to be fully fitted with electrics..Archive LINCOLNSHIREAUTOJUMBLE.CO.UK